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Donaghmore Controlled Primary School, Dungannon


2017/2018 School Year

10th Nov 2017
P1 drew around their feet and then used cubes and paper clips to measure the length...
10th Nov 2017
Children investigate patterns in maths to help develop quick mental arithmetic strategies.
10th Nov 2017
This reading comprehension activity was a real smash as children followed instructions...
10th Nov 2017
Children develop confidence using Spanish phrases by playing a character matching...
9th Nov 2017
P1/2 children are enjoying playing with a new toy made using an old electrical cable...
8th Nov 2017
There was a good chance of being swatted by P1 as they competed to find certain letters.
8th Nov 2017
Older children teach younger groups how to multiply by 10.
7th Nov 2017
Who would have thought you could have so much fun with an old cardboard box?
25th Oct 2017
KS2 pupils make patterns by block printing.
24th Oct 2017
Primary 3 and 4 are learning how to spell words containing 'ch' as part of their...