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Donaghmore Controlled Primary School, Dungannon

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11th May 2018
P2 turned themselves into clock hands to make lots of half past times. 
20th Apr 2018
P1/2 children are exploring time. We took advantage of the good weather and went...
19th Apr 2018
Maths is fun for P1 as the children use a clever adding machine.
27th Mar 2018
Children at the 2-3 club 'eggs'plored different ways to cook eggs. There was lots...
23rd Mar 2018
P1 and P2 enjoyed a spot of Easter baking. P2 carefully measured the ingredients...
9th Mar 2018
P1 and P2 are exploring 'weight'. P1 pretended they were balancing scales and used...
14th Feb 2018
This was a very tasty maths lesson during which KS2 pupils were challenged to make...
13th Feb 2018
13th February was far from a normal school day. It was the 100th day at school during...
9th Feb 2018
P2 were busy building their own 3D shape models. They had to identify and count the...
7th Feb 2018
Pupils at the 2 to 3 Club have been racing Malteasers and recording scores.
7th Feb 2018
As the 100th day of school this academic year approaches fast, KS2 pupils are making...
2nd Feb 2018
P1 had fun making 3D shapes out of play dough. Look at their creations.